Healthology : Achieving Health Through Science


Can you influence physical decline and age-related diseases?

You do control your health and aging process by

the choices you make everyday.


95% of all age-related

diseases are preventable

and most are curable.


Common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, osteoarthritis, cancer, stroke,

diabetes, and lung disease, are preventable and/or reversible in most cases through lifestyle

adjustments. Those include proper diet, nutritional supplementation, avoidance of toxic substances,

regular exercise, adequate sleep and stress reduction.


It is important to identify disease processes early, before there are any symptoms.

As studies show - symptoms of chronic disease only manifest in the late stages when it is most difficult to treat or reverse.


Healthology uses a combination of your health history, 3-D body assessment, laboratory tests and lifestyle analysis

to develop a strategy to help you prevent or reverse these common diseases.



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